Inukshuk the polar bear, was rescued from its natural habitat and taken to the Toronto Zoo so that zookeepers could tend to him and help him grow into a healthy adult bear.  Describe two things that the zoo did to recreate Inukshuk's natural habitat in order for him to survive.


10/07/2011 11:47

One thing they did to help Inukshuk was they put him in the snow like his original habitat .Another thing they did to help inukshuk was give it the food it would have if it was with it's mom.

10/07/2011 11:49

the zoo keepers made a pool for inukshuk because polar bears like to swim and they threw pieces of meat in the snow.

10/07/2011 11:51

They threw pieces of meat in the snow so the baby polar bear can try to find it with his nose so when he is in the wild he will now what to do.The second thing they did is play with him so he can get stroger.

10/07/2011 11:53

The zookeeper put

The zookeeper put snow and a pool to help the little bear survive and to have his home like his his natural habitate.

10/08/2011 07:24

For "Inukshuk "to live & to recreate his natural habitat they had to create a connection and to give him food 3 times a day

10/18/2011 16:26

i think they could put him in a good habittat with lots of nice and friendlly polar bears and keep him safe.

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